Parent and Player Agreement

Parents, please read this information with your players. By registering for the spring season and signing the registration form, you agree to abide by these principles.

Competitive League

The South Coast Soccer League is a competitive travel league and we do not guarantee equal playing time for all players.

  • As a league, we are not overly concerned with winning and losing, but we do want to offer the best possible program to players committed to improving their skills and team play.
  • In Bourne this year, there are skilled, enthusiastic players who could not be placed on a team because we did not have enough slots.
  • Many of our volunteer coaches and players forego other activities to commit to the spring season.

Player Commitment

If a coach determines that a player is not making an effort to attend practices and games, the league reserves the right to cut that player from the team and offer the slot to another player.

  • As a registered player in the spring program, you are expected to attend practices and games and put in your best effort all season.
  • There are often conflicts with other sports and activities, but it is critical that players clearly communicate with their coaches and determine the best way to minimize the conflicts.
    Spectator Behavior
  • The South Coast League has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy on addressing referees. Coaches and fans shall not be allowed to address or harass the referees during a game, or the team may face disciplinary action or forfeit the game.
  • BYSA expects players and spectators to be helpful and supportive of coaches, referees and players and be good sports with opposing teams.
  • BYSA has a Sportsmanship Review Committee if the need arises for conflict resolution.

Details are available at <> or by contacting a board member.
Please note that we have had very few issues in the past, and our league is enjoying healthy growth and development. We do want to be clear on the expectations and look forward to the positive, enthusiastic participation of all coaches, players and parents throughout the season. If you have any questions, please speak with your coach or a Board Member.

Season: Practices start in February. Games start at the end of March and run through the first week in June on all weekends, except Memorial Day weekend.

Players are divided into teams based on their age on August 1. They must be at least 7 years old to play. They may only “play up” if this will not deprive their team of a needed player or if they are not eligible to play on a Division 2 team. This must be ratified by the Board.

Uniforms: We try to reuse uniforms for several seasons. Please enter the sizes on the registration form if you need a uniform. Enter your current shirt number if you are reusing a uniform.

Birth Certificate: We need a copy of player’s birth certificate. It will not be returned.

Pictures: Pictures are required from everyone to make pass cards for all players and coaches. Please write player name on back.

Fees: The cost for the spring season is $80 registration plus the uniform cost. The uniform cost is $30.00. There are no family discounts for spring soccer. If you need time or assistance with the fees, please let us know.

Thank you for your participation in Bourne Youth Soccer and the South Coast Soccer League. Have fun playing!